March 16, 2011

16th March 2011 of the more crappy days I've had in a while.  Won't go into details, but just hoping things are a bit more perky tommorow especially as its my birthday..going to see a couple friends at doppio in greenside, simple 40th affair.  Going to cheer myself up by watching my favourite show, Californication.  Hank will save me, not to mention an early birthday present-heart shaped box of ferrero rocher.

Todays story, a very sad, but important one, especially having an almost teen child myself

Deadly 'huff ' kills teen

Mom tells of how son got last high from aerosol can.
A heartbroken mother, whose son died in the pursuit of a quick high, is fighting to make sure Shannon Greenspan's death has meaning.
Heidi Greenspan and her sons school, Crawford College Sandton, are campaigning to raise awareness of "huffing" - a widespread practice in which teenagers inhale household aerosols to get high.

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